Welcome to Driftwood!

When staying with us, we recommend you bring your dog's food from home, as it will be easier on their stomach to continue a regular diet than to switch to something new. If you do forget or would prefer, we do have food here to provide at an additional charge.

We also welcome you to bring any blankets or beds from home while your pet is staying with us - but we recommend that they are machine washable! Accidents happen, and we'll be able to clean them up here before they go home. If your dog is a "chewer" know that it's possible these items end up damaged or beyond repair. We have options for those dogs here!

Dogs visiting the facility must be current on rabies, distemper/parvo, and bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines.

Cats must be current on rabies, and distemper, and be free of FeLV, FIP and FIV.

If your pet needs boosters, we are happy to provide the required vaccinations during your pet’s stay. For your convenience, we can also do veterinary exams, heartworm checks and fecal parasite.


Prices are per pet, per day and based on 11:00 AM checkout for both dogs and cats.

No charge for final day if pet is picked up before 11:00 AM.

Additional Holiday Rates or Weekend Rates may apply – but never both.

Daycare:  $11.00 per day, any time between 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Overnight Stays

  • Standard Rate (September 15th – May 15th):  $23.95 per day
  • Peak Rate (May 16th – September 14th):  $26.95 per day
  • Private Suites – Standard:  $36.95 per day
  • Private Suites – Peak Rate:  $42.95 per day

Additional Charges

  • Weekend Rate (Friday, Saturday and Sunday):  $4 per day
  • Holiday Rate (days surrounding Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s) :  $6 per day; minimum 3-day deposit required for reservation confirmation
  • Medications:  $1.50 per dose
  • Doggie Play Time in Exercise Area:  $7.95 per 15 minute session
  • Exercise Trails
  • Pupdates
  • Cat Chats
  • Hair brush out
  • Teeth brushing
  • Bedtime snacks
  • FREE Dental exams

PetBookings Notice: You are always free to call us and make a reservation over the phone, but when booking your stay with PetBookings any refunds must be done through their system as it is third-party. Give us a call for more information about your reservation!



Exercises at Driftwood are private trips for your dog to enjoy our beautiful 20 acres of grassland! Your dog and our staff will be able to put the kennel behind them and relax on a walk through the fields, giving them a chance to reset from the noise of all the excitement inside and the opportunity to make their mark on the field for all the dogs in the area to know about! Dogs in families can also walk together or separately based on owner preference, but this one-on-one time for your pooch is highly recommend for anxious, worried, energetic, or long-time boarders here at Driftwood.



Have you heard about our referral program?!

We'd love to meet your dog's friends! (Your friends too!)
We have a referral program for our customers, if you recommend us to someone who books either a vet appointment or a boarding stay with us, we'll give you BOTH a $20 Driftwood credit!
Refer a friend or family member to Driftwood Vet and we'll credit both families with 20 bucks off your next vet visit - or overnight stay. Then your dogs will have even more friends to stay with while here, and even more fun to have!
Give us a call for any questions or to make an appointment.




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