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Obedience Training Classes

Here at Driftwood, we want to help you reach your goals with your pets.  If you are having any behavioral issues or simply want your dog to have some manners, we are here to help.  In our dog training classes, we can help you overcome the issues that you may be having and teach you how to train your dog. In doing so, we aim to deepen the bond between owner and dog. These are great courses for owners with new dogs, puppies, or owners that need to brush up on manners or focus and attention with their dogs. All ages are welcome.

We will be offering multiple sessions throughout the year, the next date is set for our Basic Obedience course - April 7th starting at 6:30pm.

Our Basic Obedience Class (for dogs of any age or ability) will be an 8 week course and is a great foundation class for any dog.

Our Canine Good Citizen Class is best for dogs with a solid foundation already, but give our Trainer Camryn a call or message her above to ask about pre-qualifications for the course and future dates - class size is typically small so attention one-on-one is another benefit of continuing your training.

Call 402-435-3003 or email to secure your place in class!

Basic Obedience Course

Basic Obedience is an 8 week course for dogs of all ages. Our next session will depend on interest as we enter Fall/Winter, but dogs will be able to learn...

  • Attention
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Place
  • Tricks

We know that owners get the dog they deserve, and we're here to help show you how to achieve your training goals. Check out our video for a preview of things learned in the Basic Obedience and Beyond..

What Training Can Help With

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training Course

The Canine Good Citizen Program will teach responsible ownership and train and enforce good manners in your dog. The CGC test has 10 check-points that must be passed for certification, but the test is open to all dogs regardless of breed or mixes. The CGC is often the prerequisite for therapy dogs, further AKC training programs, and can give apartments and homeowner's insurance companies reason to relax rules on restrictions or even discount rates for pets. Having a CGC certificate is a known indicator of a well behaved dog.

We will be offering our next session based on interest as we enter Fall/Winter but like always, it will conclude with an exam and certification offered by the AKC.

Classes will be evenings and continue for 8 weeks.

Call 402-435-3003 or email to secure your place in class!

In the CGC class your dog will be learning…

  • Accepting a friendly stranger
  • Sitting politely for petting
  • Allowing grooming/vet examination
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Sit and Stay
  • Recall (Come when called)
  • Reacting to other dogs/distractions
  • Supervised separation (left with a stranger)

Camryn Wiens has been training since 2010 and has worked with several well-known trainers in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.  She also has worked with dogs in other disciplines such as veterinary work, boarding and daycare, and grooming which has allowed her to expand her knowledge of dogs and practice her techniques.  She is also a graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where she studied animal science with a focus in companion animals.

She trains using balanced training methods that involve both rewarding the dogs for completing things that are asked of them, and also using corrections to remind them that they need to listen, even in the presence of distractions.  The goal of her training method is to produce dogs that will listen to commands anywhere that you might be and in the presence of distractions.  In order to achieve this, she teaches fundamentals of dog behavior, which allows the owner to train their dog in a way that they can clearly understand.